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Cost-Effective Ad-Hoc IT Support

No Full-Time Contractual Agreement. The Same Professional Support

There’s no need to commit to a full-time contractual agreement when it comes to IT Support. You will have access to our complete service and solutions that form our Ad-hoc IT Support. Why pay when you don’t need to? We only charge you per hour for the support you receive and that puts you in control of how you use our Pay-As-You-Go IT Support. It enables you to actively manage your budgets while benefiting from professional support, system management and solutions that ensure all IT problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

  • No Contract Just Simple IT Support When You Need It

    We understand that businesses don’t want to be tied into long, costly contracts. They want a flexible solution to IT support that encompasses their specific business needs. Our Ad-hoc IT support is perfect for those businesses that have minimal IT support requirement or those that have budgetary restrictions. However, you’ll still receive the same level of support as our contracted IT Support customers.

Providing a Wealth Of Pay-As-You-Go IT Support Services

Trust In Us. We’ll Take Care Of Your Business

It might be a Pay-As-You-Go IT support service but we ensure we deliver a service that encompasses your every need. Your budget or business size shouldn’t prevent you from accessing professional, expert support. We provide ongoing support via telephone, remotely and on-site, ensuring we deal with all IT issues swiftly and promptly. From system back-up and recovery to hardware failure and network support, we’re always ready to help your business get back on its feet.

An Ad-Hoc IT Support Packages That’s Flexible Enough To Deliver

Ad-hoc IT Support That Provides A Wealth Of Benefits

Whether you’re a small business looking to drive costs down or a large business in need of additional support, our Ad-hoc IT support is designed for you. Our IT specialists on here to help with a range of issues including network upgrades and installation, emergency disaster recovery, hardware and network failures, telecommunications, security breaches and more. We cover it all because we’re the experts in IT support.

IT Support That’s Proven To Deal With Challenges

Tailored Support Solutions That Get Businesses Back On Track

Many businesses have been benefiting from our Ad-Hoc IT support. Our wealth of experience and team of highly-skilled specialist have been assisting businesses with bespoke solutions without the ties of a monthly contract. We’re committed and driven by results and so, we strive to implement the latest solutions that future-proof your business and instil confidence.

Why Choose Ad-hoc IT Support Over Fully-Managed IT Support?

Only Pay For What You Need. It’s Simple.

Sometimes, paying a monthly fixed cost for IT support won’t work for some businesses. Therefore, we offer ad-hoc IT support that comes with the same expertise and support. It’s the ideal solution if you only want to pay for what you need. It’s ideal for companies that have an existing IT department while it’s a perfect solution for start-ups. It covers all aspects of IT support, providing peace of mind when you need it.


How much does ad hoc support cost?

The cost of ad hoc support will depend on your needs as a business and the level of support you require from your chosen ad hoc company. However, there is a standard onsite hourly rate while there is also a minimum charge for telephone or remote support.

What is Ad Hoc IT Support?

Ad hoc IT support is delivered after an issue arises. Our support will then assess the problem and propose an ad hoc solution with the aim of rectifying the problem as soon as possible. Ad hoc support is simple to use and is there when you need it which is why ad hoc works so well for many businesses.

What does ad hoc it support service include?

Ad-Hoc IT Support

Ad hoc it support will cover a variety of areas and is designed to provide support when you recognise that an issue has arisen. Ad hoc IT support packages might include network problems, user issues and hardware failure although it does cover a lot more in detail.

What are the Benefits of Pay as You Go IT Services?

There are many benefits that come with Pay as You Go IT services but it enables you to avoid paying months’ contract fees while you will only pay for what you need. You will still benefit from amazing customer service and support when you need it which helps to keep your business moving which is the main benefit of ad-hoc IT support without the commitments.

Why is pay as you go so important?

The Pay As You Go model is really important because it enables businesses to access support without financial commitment. This means that Pay As You Go IT Support Service will provide access to support in a way that fits in with their budget. It can also work out more cost-effective and the barriers to entry are smaller while providing 24/7 IT help desk services.

How does pay as you go model work?

The Pay As You Go IT support model will work by understanding the needs of the client and agreeing the costs involved and the level of support provided. The support will then be provided as the client requires it which means that there is no commitment or contract, making it easier for businesses to budget and access the support they need.

What is fully managed IT services?

Fully managed IT services will involve a third party organisation taking care of all IT tasks and processes. It will involve proactive and reactive solutions that are aimed to keep businesses and their IT systems up to speed and it will provide a 24/7 IT help desk. Your Bristol IT company will also be able to help with IT expenditure while also providing their expertise across all areas of IT.