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Protecting Critical Data, Reducing Risks and Downtime

Mitigating Risks And Ensuring You Can Access Critical Information

From cyberattacks to natural disasters and hardware failures, we provide a simple and cost-effective solution that is designed to protect your business. It’s vital that your data remains safe but you also need to be able to access from any location if required. We adopt a fresh approach to data protection and disaster recovery with managed data protection. We go beyond traditional backup methods by implementing industry-leading network and content security products. Our vast experience and expertise in backup and recovery of critical data enables us to design scalable solutions that underpin the security of your business. We gain an understanding of your business and needs before recommending a solution that works for you.

  • A Comprehensive Range Of Backup And Recovery Services

    We provide a complete range of disaster recovery, information security, data backup, business continuity and risk management services that come with technical expertise and experience. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we have the ability to support your business by providing disaster recovery and managed backup services that keep your business moving. Don’t put your business at risk, let us take care of your data, backup and recovery, ensuring your business leads from the front.

What Does Our Service Include?

Tailored Solutions That Encompass Your Business Needs

At Inflection Point, we understand that every business is different. When it comes to data recovery and backup, we ensure our service offers something for everyone. We provide fully managed, cloud-based backup and recovery and we undertake annual testing of your infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with your business continuity plan. Our managed backup service is ready to go when you need it. High-speed recovery ensures you can get back to business in no time at all.

Fully Managed Data Backup and Recovery Services With A First-Class Infrastructure

Keeping Your Crucial Data Safe

The loss of crucial data can have a significant impact on your business. In an instant, it can bring your business to its knees but we are on hand to deliver forward-thinking solutions that set us apart. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to data protection, so we create bespoke managed data backup solutions that support your business. Off-site backups, any time recovery and a fully managed service will help to mitigate risks and keep your business moving.

An Effective Solution That Manages Your Data Backup Requirements

A Service That’s Proven To Get Results

It’s about how your business reacts when you lose critical data that sets you apart. What’s more, you need to make sure you protect data while remaining compliant and that’s where we come in. We have been assisting clients with their data backup need through our fully-functional manager offsite back up service. We ensure your data remains safe and accessible when you need it. We implement the latest solutions and couple that with our experts, creating the perfect service that you can trust.

Impressive Benefits Come With Managed Backup and Recovery Service

Managed Recovery Services Delivered With Expertise

Downtime and a loss of data can have a negative impact on your business. As a result, we are on hand to ensure you benefit from our service. With managed recovery services, you’ll benefit from increased efficiency and productivity while data loss is reduced and data is more secure. Our recovery service acts fast, getting your business back up and running while we are industry experts and a trusted provider to many clients.


What is Backup and Recovery Policy?

This is a data backup service that helps to ensure that your data is protected from loss. Your data can be stored across a range of mediums including cloud backup solutions and tape. Should disaster occur, recovery can take place, ensuring your systems and data can be restored quickly and efficiently.

What is the Best Way to Backup Your Data?

The most effective way to backup your data is to ensure that you back it up in multiple locations. Therefore, you should aim to have three copies of your data backed up. This should be done using a backup service that has your data stored on two local devices and one off-site using data backup solutions

What is the Difference Between Backup and Recovery?

Backup services will ensure that your data is adequately backed up and stored so that your data is always secure. This can be done using cloud storage solutions or it can be done on-site. In contrast, recovery is the implementation of a disaster recovery plan to restore lost data from your backed up data solutions.

What is Backup and Restore Procedures?

This will involve using technology and best practices to ensure that copies of your data are taken at set timeframes. This will then be stored to a secondary device or a location off-site. These copies will then be used to recover the data and restore it accordingly, enabling your systems and business to operate.

What is an Offsite Backup Solution?

An offsite back solution will store your data periodically away from your premises. This can help to protect your data from natural disasters such as fire or flood. It will use a backup service and cloud storage to store your data so it can be accessed should you experience a loss of data.

Should You BackUp Cloud Data?

If you choose a reliable backup service that offers cloud capabilities, it should mean that your data will be backed up automatically across a range of areas offered by the service you use. Your provider should be reliable and should have plans in place to ensure that your data is protected in every possible way.

How Much Does Cloud Back-Up Cost UK?

Cloud backup solutions that enable you to benefit from backup and recovery don’t cost as much as you’d expect. You can find a suitable cloud data backup solution that starts from just a few pounds each month although the cost will depend on what you require.

How Can Inflection Point Help in Data Backup and Recovery?

We have a wide range of expertise in all aspects of disaster recovery solutions. We can offer a backup service and backup disaster recovery that ensures your data is protected. Our experience will enable us to find a bespoke solution that fits your needs and your goals as a business.