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Turn To Us To Take Care Of Your IT Asset Management

Reliable Software Asset Management

Running a business is time-consuming and often, you need to focus your resources in certain areas, often neglecting those important areas such as software asset management. When you outsource your software license management process, you’ll benefit from our expertise, knowledge and ability to help you remain compliant. Our license software management solution will identify software to be discovered, undertake license software agent installation planning and many other aspects associated with license management. We’re here to simplify your software and licensing to ensure you’re maximising usage against current agreements, enabling you to strategically align your software licensing with your business needs.

  • Effective Software License Management That Provides A Seamless Solution

    We provide an end-to-end consultancy and implementation service that takes care of software license management. We can help identify and manage the most effective licensing models ensuring you remain compliant. Software licensing and asset management is an integral part of your IT spend and you need to ensure you avoid the risk of running non-licensed software, so we’re here for you.

An Expert Approach To Software License Management

A Solution Designed To Underpin Effective License Management

Adopting a methodical approach enables us to implement license management and license agreements effectively and in an organised manner. We plan, we install a fully functional managed service and undertake a discovery phase while providing ongoing remote management. We can help you to reduce the risk and cost of over-provisioning of current licensing as well as avoid poor commercial deals with software providers. We’ll actively manage and track licenses, keeping your business on track while reducing costs.

Your Business Will Grow With Active SAM

SAM Delivered The Way You Need It

Software asset management (SAM) will provide your business with real-time insight into your license position, ensuring your business is compliant but can also benefit from making savings on software licenses. You can tailor our service to your specific needs, keeping certain aspects in-house and allowing us to take care of the rest. Our specialist software license management and contract knowledge can help ease the burden that comes with the process while helping your business realise its goals.

License Management That’s Proven To Support Compliance

We’re A Turnkey Solution To License Management

Software License Management

We’ve got experience and expertise in all aspects of license management and our team of experts are there to help your business gain clarity, meet all compliance requirements and make savings. We’ve been helping clients transform their business and take back control of their software asset management. It’s an integral part of running a business in the modern world but we’re proven to deliver a successful, reliable and highly professional service that gets results.

A Wealth Of Benefits Come With Outsourcing Software License Management

Transform Your Business With Essential Software Asset Management

Software license management is something that every business has to consider. It’s a time-consuming process and that’s why Inflection Point can help. Our service comes with a wealth of benefits. We’ll provide a clear insight into your licenses and deployments while creating an inventory of all purchased licenses and surplus licenses. Our service will also streamline license usage, ensuring you’re not paying for underutilized software and helping you save money. We’ll also take care of End-User License Agreements, actively managing them and keeping your business on track.


What are the 5 types of software licenses?

When it comes to software licenses, there are five types that you will need to consider. This includes Public Domain, Permissive, LGPL, Copyleft and Proprietary.

Why is software license management important?

Software license management is crucial because it involves using the right tools and processes to manage the software products that you use within your business. Software asset management is important because it will ensure that your business complies with all enterprise license and end-user license agreements and that is why software license management solutions are critical for all businesses.

How does software licensing work?

Software licensing will give you the ability to use a certain type of software and it will also allow it to be used by an agreed number of users. If you use more than agreed, then you won’t be compliant which is why software license management is a crucial part of your software asset management policy.

What is an IT asset management system?

An IT asset management system will ensure that all of your assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded and disposed of when necessary. The asset manager software will enable your asset manager to actively monitor assets and manage software licenses, helping you to keep control of assets within your business.

What is asset management in the IT industry?

Asset management in the IT industry will involve specific processes that consider the life cycle management of assets and support decision making. Software licensing solutions and management tools will enable you to detect and protect your assets by giving you the ability to see what software and hardware are used within your IT environment.

What does end user license agreement mean?

End user license agreement is a legally binding licensing agreement between the owner of a product and the end-user and so, licensing a software product will give the owner control of it. The end user license agreement for software will help to protect the product owner and it will also put rules in place that will stipulate how the end-user will use and manage the product when they use it.

How do you control software licenses?

There are many elements involved in controlling software licenses but software license compliance management is crucial. This will involve gathering all licenses and information related to them. You will then need to prove that you are entitled to them and then ensure that you manage the costs and spending associated with the licenses. You should also set reminders that enable you to renew and maintain software licenses as this will ensure you maintain software license compliance.

How can I get software licenses?

Choosing a software license will depend on whether the software is free, purchased or it contains open-source code. There are three different types of license including a Broad license, GNU license and a EULA license and they all give you software license control.