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Do you want to add dummy content for theme development and WordPress testing?

Adding dummy content allows you to fill up an empty WordPress site with placeholder content. This allows you to see how a website will look and how your plugins would work with content.

In this article, we will show you how to easily add dummy content for theme development in WordPress.

Adding dummy content in a WordPress website for theme development and testing

What is WordPress Theme Unit Test Data?

WordPress theme unit test data is an XML file containing dummy data for testing and development purposes.

It is maintained by’s theme review team, which also uses it to test themes submitted to theme directory.

You can use this WordPress dummy data generator to easily generate blog posts, pages, import images, and more. Following are a few scenarios where you may find this dummy data very useful:

  • You want to learn WordPress theme development or make a custom WordPress theme
  • You want to practice on a WordPress starter theme
  • You want to tweak an existing theme using WordPress theme cheat sheet guide
  • Test a website design on local host before pushing it live


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