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A Professionally Managed IT Service Desk

A Simple & Cost-Effective Way To Handle Your IT Helpdesk Support

Our IT Service desk solution is designed to enhance the support that is available for your in-house team or we can even become your complete service desk solution. We implement our expertise and experience throughout our service, using ITIL service management principles and processes to ensure we provide the required level of support to your users. Our ensure service is flexible, enabling us to create a bespoke solution that aligns itself with your business needs. We deliver measurable, secure and consistent support that will provide your business with an effective solution that guarantees customer satisfaction.

  • IT Helpdesk Services To Support Your Business Needs

    The managed it helpdesk is the beating heart of the IT Services of any company. When problems arise, you need a helpdesk support you can trust. At Inflection Point, we provide support around the clock and we can help your business reduce operational costs. We utilise leading-edge technology and we have certified, experienced specialists ready to support your business. We help your business enhance its reputation while ensuring your IT services don’t suffer with a complete service.

A Managed IT Helpdesk Service That Encompasses Your Needs

A Complete IT Helpdesk Service That’s Fully-Functioning

IT Helpdesk

We deliver customer satisfaction by ensuring our managed service desk captures the specific requirements of each client. We provide complete IT management, ensuring every aspect of your business is covered while we help your business to make savings. Support is available 24/7, providing access to instant help and expertise that you can trust. With qualified IT experts, we’re committed to providing solutions that drive your business forward.

Managed IT Support That Supports Business Goals

Bespoke Patching & Monitoring - Keeping Your Business Secure

Outsource Your It Support - We’ve Got It Covered

It can prove costly and time-consuming to maintain an efficient and comprehensive support function in-house. Whether it’s cost, a lack of resources, or a need to grow your business, our managed IT support is tailored to your needs. We put our experts to work, ensuring they are on hand to actively manage all technical issues, quickly seek solutions and deliver satisfaction. We complement your business processes, enhancing efficiency and your reputation at the same time.

We Become Your Own IT Helpdesk

IT Monitoring Delivered With Precision

Instant Access To Expert Support

Our managed IT help desk provides an always-on service that’s ready to support users whenever and wherever. Our service desk is delivered with experience and features an industry-leading response time as well as experts who can efficiently resolve technical issues. We also care about your business and users, creating a service that feels personal. We will become a natural extension of your business, providing an effective solution you can trust.

A Complete Range of Benefits Come With Our IT Support Desk

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Our It Help Desk

Your business will benefit from experts that have a positive attitude, a wealth of knowledge and experience. We also provide cover around the clock, offering access to first-class support when required. Our fully-managed IT support desk is accompanied by cost savings and it’s KPI driven, with a focus on seeking solutions and first-time fixes as well as reacting fast. Avoid major organisational changes with our turnkey solution for your IT support desk needs.


What does an IT helpdesk do?

An IT help desk will answer questions and deal with problems that users and customers are experiencing. The aim is to deliver a complete service that provides support for a range of issues, all of which will be IT or computer-related.

How important is an IT service desk?

An IT service desk is especially important as it helps to create a connection between service providers and users using service desk software. Therefore, it will help to deal with incidents and service requests while also communicating with users, acting as a single point of contact using a ticketing system.  Essentially, it will deliver a high-quality service as quickly as possible.

What is a local service desk?

A local service desk will provide a service that supports service providers and users and a small business IT help desk. However, the location will be close to the customer, on location or located within another location such as a branch owned by the client. This might cover the likes of a retail service desk for a local business.

What is a managed service desk?

A managed service desk will focus on dealing with IT issues. A dedicated team will handle incidents, and service requests and they will communicate with users. They will respond rapidly and use their expertise to align themselves with the needs of each client ensuring they deliver a range of managed helpdesk services efficiently.

What is an MSP help desk?

MSP help desk support is a Managed Service Provider help desk that uses help desk software. The hosted help desk will become the focal point for users when an issue arises. They will handle technical queries and provide support. It will handle requests efficiently, seeking solutions to the problems that users face.

How much does it cost to outsource help desk?

The cost of using an IT help desk will depend on the level of service you require and your business needs. The cost will be reflected in the level of support we provide. For more details and customized solutions please get in touch with us.

What’s the difference between help desk and service desk?

The main goal of a help desk is to provide support and assistance when it comes to fixing issues. A service desk will have the main aim of delivering a service to customers and users. So, the help desk aims to deal with issues and fix them while service desks are more customer-centric.