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Managed Endpoint Antivirus - What Is It?

Your Business Needs Endpoint Antivirus Solutions To Mitigate Risks

Managed antivirus or endpoint antivirus is a term that broadly covers a range of security measures that underpins the security of your network. Also known as endpoint protection, it is a solution that is implemented to protect your business network that is regularly accessed remotely, by wireless devices and mobile devices. Managed antivirus will protect your devices using the latest software and technology and prevent phishing attacks. We ensure our solution actively monitors threats enabling us to respond with the correct action to mitigate threats and keep your business network secure.

  • Vital Protection Through Effective Endpoint Antivirus Solutions

    Endpoint antivirus ensures that the devices that are connected to your network, considered an endpoint and are also entry points for any potential cybersecurity threats, are always secure. Our managed antivirus solutions ensure your devices are protected. We actively manage the entire process, monitoring for advanced threats while identifying attacks at the earliest point, enabling us to respond accordingly.

A Detailed Solution That Delivers Managed Endpoint Antivirus and Malware Protection

Effective Solutions Designed To Scale Up Network Security

Our managed antivirus services are designed to support your business and its security. We implement the latest technology and solutions that keep us one step ahead of potential attacks and threats. We ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest threats using signature-based protection but we also use sophisticated solutions including heuristic checks and behavioral scanning. You’ll benefit from lightweight scans, keeping network performance at its peak while enhancing accuracy and taking advantage of scheduling to minimize disruption. Our solutions are bespoke we can deploy our managed antivirus service across sites, servers, and workstations.

Complete Risk Management of Known and Emerging Malware

A Flexible Approach That Deals With Every Threat Effectively

Threats are ever-evolving as hackers attempt to gain an advantage by using new tactics and known methods. We implement managed antivirus solutions that provide complete threat protection for data, users, and devices. Powered by machine learning and advanced AI, our solutions help to neutralize the latest threats before they become a problem. We constantly monitor, adapt and react, committing ourselves to the security of your business.

How do We Know It Works?

Our Clients Are Proof That We’re Experts

Endpoint Antivirus

Our clients are proof that our managed antivirus solutions work. We have been helping businesses overcome the challenges and risks associated with cyber-attacks and malware for some time. We know everything there is to know about implementing effective solutions that boost confidence in your network. As industry leaders, we utilize the latest technology and software to keep you safe. Centrally managed, we’re there to ensure your business is prepared, protected, and secure.

What Are the Features Of Our Managed Antivirus Services?

We Adopt A Meticulous Approach When Managing Threats

We understand what’s required when identifying the correct solutions that are designed to protect your business. We implement award-winning protection that includes behavioral scanning and you’ll have access to real-time information, enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse. Automatic updates ensure your business is always one step ahead when mitigating risks and dealing with threats while schedule scanning will ensure all scans take place at the right time for your business. We’ll reduce risks, data leaks, and downtime and provide the support you need.


What is the difference between endpoint security and endpoint antivirus?

Endpoint security focuses on securing the endpoint or entry points of end-user devices such as mobile devices, this prevents them from being exploited by cybercriminals. Endpoint antivirus is software that will search for and detect viruses before removing them.

Do you need an antivirus if you have endpoint protection?

Yes, you should look to implement as many security solutions as possible. While endpoint security protection will protect end-users, it is still possible for malware and viruses to find their way into your network and so, a managed antivirus endpoint will help to detect these issues.

What are the types of endpoint security?

There are a number of different types of endpoint security protection available so this includes: Internet of Things security, Antivirus solutions, endpoint detection and response, URL filtering, application control, network access control, browser isolation, cloud perimeter security, endpoint encryption, secure email gateways and sandboxing.

What are endpoint security tools?

Endpoint security tools are used to track, monitor and manage a whole range of endpoint devices that your organisation might use. They come with a range of features that are designed for individual needs such as mobile security, intrusion detection or mobile device management.

What is an endpoint security service?

Endpoint security service is the process of putting the correct solutions in place that keep your users, devices and your networks safe and secure by using endpoint security software. The service recognises your specific requirements and then implements the right solutions.

What is managed endpoint protection?

Managed endpoint protection is the process of supervising and managing the access rights of endpoint devices to a network. It also involves implementing security policies to help prevent both internal and external threats so managed endpoint antivirus will be taken care of by an endpoint manager.

How do I choose endpoint antivirus protection?

To choose endpoint protection you should consider the cyber-attack capabilities, the time it takes to detect data breaches, the speed of response as well as the ability to continuous monitoring and recording. The aim is to get the best endpoint protection for business needs.