Through expertise, know-how and experience, we have the ability to deliver a wealth of services that provide solutions to support your business. We simplify the day-to-day operations of your business by providing services that help you to manage, innovate and thrive. From security to infrastructure, hardware and connectivity, we have it all covered because we’re IT services experts that understand.

An Extensive Range Of IT Services


A Transparent Approach to Supporting Your Business

At Inflection Point, we make it possible for you to focus on running your business because we take care of the planning, implementation, and management of your IT systems. We understand that it can prove challenging to take care of all of this yours and so, we work closely with our clients to deliver effective solutions for your business.

All of our IT services and solutions are cost-effective and our transparent approach ensures everyone is working together. We listen to your issues before creating tailored solutions that enable you to reach your objective. Using our experience, we can help to reduce costs, increase productivity, and keep you connected. We can bring your workforce together with collaborative working, we can enhance security, implement high-speed connectivity, and manage your IT environment with precision. We enable you to keep the wheels of business turning while we focus on your IT systems.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies across the UK achieve IT freedom

Inflection Point is the preferred managed IT support services provider for SMEs across the UK with a special focus on providing managed IT support to London, Bristol, Swindon, Oxford, Cheltenham, and Gloucester.
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Our unrivaled support will allow you to better focus on what you do best!

We have a team of IT services experts who specialize in a range of areas when it comes to providing our services. Whatever the problem, you’re always in safe hands.


Enhance Security With Patch Management and IT Monitoring Services

Our patching & monitoring is designed to support the security of your business. With IT monitoring services we undertake your patch management and monitoring, ensuring you never lose sight of your patching again.

IT Helpdesk Services To Support Your Business Needs

Managed IT helpdesk services are designed to support every business. Whether it’s limited IT resources, managing 1st line IT support or 3rd line support, we’re there when you need us, providing expert support instantly.

Vital Protection Through Effective Endpoint Antivirus Solutions

We provide a range of managed antivirus services designed to stop threats in their tracks, allowing your business to operate with confidence. Expertise and the latest technology enables us to take care of protecting your business from attacks.

Highly Effective Managed Web Security Service Designed For Your Business

An increase in web use, rapid cloud adoption, and a greater number of users are increasing risks across your networks. We implement the latest managed web security technology including SWG and DLP, enhancing sensitivity and protection.

Highly Efficient MDM - Mobile Management Solutions

Our managed mobile device management ensures we provide fundamental visibility and IT controls required to secure, manage and actively monitor all of your mobile devices that access business-critical data.

Innovative Business Continuity Management Solutions

Disaster or downtimes can happen at any time. Our business continuity management services are designed to protect systems and data, minimise risk and monitor while keeping you GDPR compliant.

A Comprehensive Range Of Backup And Recovery Services

Data is crucial to your business. We ensure your data is securely stored and backed up, offering peace of mind. We also provide disaster backup and recovery solutions, recovering a single file through to returning an entire sitter to operation in a matter of minutes, reducing downtime and keeping your business safe.

Effective Software License Management That Provides A Seamless Solution

Software assets are there to support and enhance your business. We ensure they work for you by helping to take care of the complexities associated with software license management. We actively undertake software asset management, ensuring your business doesn’t fall short.

Streamline Your Business With Standard Operating Procedures

We can help your business and employees follow a coordinated process with standard operating procedures management. Our expertise can help increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Helping Your Business Take A New Approach To Working

We can help your business to implement and embrace distance working with remote working solutions. From managing cloud-based solutions and communications to assisting with a seamless transition, we ensure you stay in control while adopting new working practices.

No Contract Just Simple IT Support When You Need It

At Inflection Point, we understand every business is different and when issues arise, you need them solved there and then. As a result, we are able to provide a range of Ad-hoc IT support solutions that take care of problems efficiently and effectively. There is no one-fix solution to IT problems so we take an adaptable and flexible approach, working effortlessly to support your business.

Efficient Managed IT Support That’s There When You Need It

Working with us, you’ll receive a level of support that will instil confidence in everything that we do. As experts, we implement cutting edge systems and tools that are designed to deliver first-class IT Support that is actively managed. Managed IT support is essential for any business that wants to lead from the front. We’ll align our services with your business, becoming the expert team that you can call on.

Quick And Efficient Support That Reacts When An Issue Arises

Around-the-clock, remote IT support is designed to ensure you can continue to run your business with confidence. Whether it’s infrastructure monitoring or remote support for end-users, our team of committed specialists are ready and waiting. With industry-leading solutions, we are ready to support your business in every way possible.

Secure And Private - Connecting Your Workforce Has Never Been Easier

We can provide private voice and data telecommunication services with leased lines. Known as a dedicated line, it enables your business to connect over vast geographical distances.

Affordable ADSL Business Broadband

What is ADSL Business Broadband?

A cost-effective solution that ensures your business remains connected. It’s imperative that your business has access to a reliable internet connection, so we’re on hand as ADSL business broadband providers to make that happen.

VOIP Solutions That Become The Backbone Of Business Communications

If you’re looking to take your business forward and change the way you communicate, we are hosted VOIP providers who can help you find the most cost-effective solutions.

Reliable MPLS Solutions That Work

As MPLS providers, we can implement private connections that link up multiple sites and remote workers. High speed and business-critical, we can support your business needs.

Telephony Services That Put Communications At The Heart Of Your Business

Offering an array of managed telephony services, we can assist your business in transitioning to a new way of communicating. Our expertise will help your business to perform at its best.

Vital Protection Through Effective Endpoint Antivirus Solutions

Endpoints are devices that connect to your network. This is where a cyber security threat is a possibility but we implement managed antivirus solutions that protect your devices, your network and your business.

Protecting Staff, Infrastructure and Your Reputation

We install and manage industry-leading web and cloud security solutions that take care of your web security. We ensure your network and your services are protected with the latest solutions.

Efficient Compromise Monitoring That Spots Attacks Effectively

Compromise monitoring ensures we identify potential compromises and act fast. Our responsive service is delivered with precision and industry-leading technology.

A Cyber Security Audit Will Transform your Business

We understand that every business is different. Our security audits are designed to delve into your systems and software to identify risks and implement solutions.

Accreditation Designed For Every Business

We ensure we provide a wealth of& nbsp;cyber essentials& nbsp;including managed firewall and network security as well as vulnerability scanning and more. We leave no stone upturned, ensuring your business is safe.

Helping Your Business Take A New Approach To Working

The workplace is changing, the workforce is changing and that means your business needs to change its approach to working. Remote working is no longer a thing of the future because many businesses are already embracing its potential. We can help to improve your systems, security and devices that will allow your workforce to work from anywhere at any time.

Helping Your Business Take A New Approach To Working

The workplace is changing, the workforce is changing and that means your business needs to change its approach to working. Remote working is no longer a thing of the future because many businesses are already embracing its potential. We can help to improve your systems, security and devices that will allow your workforce to work from anywhere at any time.

Enhancing Business Efficiency With Digital Business Transformation

At Inflection Point, we understand that making a change might seem daunting. Our expertise and skilled experts work with you to aid digital business transformation by seeking out cost-effective IT solutions that are designed to underpin the success of your business.

A Versatile Range of Cloud Management Service

We understand the importance of relying on technology to operate your business efficiently. We can therefore ease the burden that comes with infrastructure management and deploy services quickly on your behalf through our range of cloud-based services.

Seamless Integration Of Managed Office 365

Implementing Microsoft Office 365 will transform how your business works. Accessible data wherever you are, it encourages collaboration, sharing and makes your business more resilient. We provide dependable managed office 365 services for your businesses.

Assisting Clients With Solutions That Make A Difference

Azure Cloud Services

Through assessments, design and build, we can help your business seamlessly migrate to Azure cloud with our Azure cloud services. We’re helping your business move forward.

A Simple Solution To Leverage The Potential Of Your Business

Through remote desktops, you can work from anywhere at any time. Our service ensures your business can benefit from everything that remote desktops have to offer, taking your business into a new era of working.

Industry-Leading VOIP Solutions That Improve Communications

Every business needs to connect the right way and our cloud telephony services are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of a modern business. We can help to reduce costs and enhance the service you offer as well the way you connect. Cloud telephony with our managed cloud services provides everything that your business needs to succeed.

A Simple Yet Effective Free IT Security Audit

Why leave your business exposed to cybersecurity threats? We’ll identify risks and weak spots, enabling you to tighten up security and protect your business and its data with out IT Security Audit.

Have You Considered The Safety Of Your Data?

Is your backup process working? You might think it is but we can help to ensure it is tested and optimised, ensuring all tape backups and cloud backups do what they should do.

We Learn All About Your Current Setup And Put Things Right

You want to make sure that all of your devices are working smart and that all patches are up-to-date. Our IT audits will take care of that.

Securing Your Business Operations With An IT Infrastructure Audit

We aim to ensure that your entire infrastructure is secure and performing how it should. Our IT Infrastructure Audit considers every aspect of your infrastructure.

Gain A Clear Insight Into Your Software Licensing

Keeping a track of licences can prove a challenge. Using a range of applications and software, you can lose sight of whether you are over or under-licenced. Our Licensing Audit will help you seek clarity.


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