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Minimising Disruption With Effective Business Continuity Services

Keeping The Wheels Of Business Turning

Any form of interruption or disruption to your business can prove costly. Loss of data and downtime can cause significant reputational damage. Whether it’s human error, cyberattacks, hardware failure or a natural disaster, our business continuity service is designed to support your business. We deliver rapid and assured recovery of applications, data and systems, giving your business the ability to overcome challenges while still maintaining effective operations. Our service is tailored to your business needs and we ensure we keep you work, whatever happens. From fast recovery to avoiding data loss and complete control, we’re there when you need us.

  • Innovative Business Continuity Management Solutions

    Our goal is to ensure we protect your critical IT systems while introducing effective tools that help minimise data loss and keep your business moving. Our business continuity management service is perfect for organisations of any size. It’s designed to help protect your business while ensuring you maintain an online presence. Utilising sophisticated managed continuity solutions, we guarantee that your business will always be up and running.

A Fully Functioning Business Continuity Management Service

Business Continuity Management Solutions That Instil Confidence

Delivering a complete business continuity service requires an expert approach and understanding. At Inflection point, we deliver super-fast recovery, getting your business up and running as quickly as possible. We plan an implement highly-effective business continuity policies that are supported by our continuity solutions. We have a track record as technology experts and so, we ensure we provide a cost-effective solution that supports your business from the initial consultation right through to design, project management, installation, and configuration.

Thorough Protection Designed For Your Business

Managed Business Continuity That Drives Your Business Forwards

Every business faces the challenge of ensuring it avoids any form of loss or disruption. We live in a fast-paced world and any downtime could provide costly for you business in many ways. Our comprehensive business continuity management service is designed to safeguard your business from the risks that it faces on a daily basis. We ensure your data remains secure and we act fast when you need us. Our dedicated team strives to deliver market-leading business continuity solutions that are designed for modern businesses.

Business Continuity Solutions That Our Clients Trust

A Wealth Of Expertise That Supports Your Business

Every aspect of our business continuity service is delivered with expertise and precision. We understand that every business is unique and so, we tailor every service to your specific needs. Our ability to implement effective solutions has enabled us to support many businesses successfully throughout the years. We never sit still. We’re always adapting and evolving, ensuring your business benefits from cutting-edge, industry-leading technology that protects your business from top to bottom.

Your Business Will Benefit From Managed Continuity Services

Effective Solutions That Achieve Impressive Results

Protecting your business is something that we take seriously at Inflection Point. As a result, we scour the industry for the latest solutions and technologies. You’ll benefit from leading security solutions, increased fault tolerance and the ability to recover your data and systems when required. As we implement leading technologies we act fast, ensuring we undertake recovery as swiftly as possible. We ensure we minimise risks and implement thorough business continuity policies that support your business in every possible way.


What are the 3 main areas of business continuity management?

Business continuity management is a crucial element of ensuring your business can continue to operate when problems arise. Therefore, business continuity consists of three areas and this includes design and methodology, findings and practical implications.

How is business continuity managed?

Business continuity planning is managed by taking the right steps to plan and prepare in advance so that it is possible to resume operations quickly after a disaster. This will ensure you consider the fire, floor and cyber attacks are risked on a daily basis, with the business continuity manager implementing the right processes such as data backup.

What is business continuity in IT security?

Business continuity in IT security is all about ensuring you take the necessary steps to avoid data loss. Business continuity planners will constantly assess the risks and they will look to implement the correct processes that enhance security and ensure that all data and systems can be maintained after problems arise.

What are the steps in the business continuity planning process?

Managed business continuity follows a number of steps in order to ensure everything is in place. This involves creating a business continuity management team, maintaining the safety and wellbeing of employees, identifying the risks to your business, implementing recovery strategies and ongoing testing.

What are the 3 elements of business continuity?

There are three main elements that form part of business management continuity. This includes having someone in charge to manage the process, a recovery procedure that identifies critical business strategies and data protection through data backup.

Why is it important to initiate an IT business continuity plan?

By initiating a business continuity plan, you will have the correct processes and strategies in place that will enable you to recover following a disaster. A data protection business continuity plan will ensure that you can get your business, data and equipment up and running as soon as possible as outlined in your plan.

What would a business use to backup their data?

As part of your business continuity plan, you will look at protecting data. Your business data loss management system will ensure that it can be recovered quickly and that’s why it’s important to use business continuity managed IT services. You will then have several options which is to use cloud storage, local data backups, online backup services, external hard drives, USB drives, LAN storage and tape storage.

What is information technology business continuity?

Information technology business continuity is the process of managing the risks that your business faces in relation to your IT systems. The aim is to implement a business continuity management plan and strategies that enable you to take the right approach to maintaining operations and protecting data and equipment after a disaster happens.