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Bridging the Apple Divide: Comprehensive Mac Management

Seamless Integration & Robust Protection for Your Apple Devices

In the vast space of enterprise IT, Macs have always been the sophisticated, sleek devices that demanded a different approach. 

We've turned the tables on the age-old Mac vs. PC debate, showing passion and expert care for both. Through our collaboration with Addigy, we harness the power of top-tier device management, ensuring that your Macs are always updated, integrated, and singing in harmony with their PC counterparts.

With the addition of SentinelOne and Cybersmart, your devices aren't just integrated; they're safeguarded. From potential threats lurking in the digital shadows to ensuring every click remains compliant, we've got your back.

  • With Your Macs From Startup to Enterprise

    Tailored Services for Your Apple Infrastructure 

    Apple products have long held a reputation for seamlessly blending aesthetics with performance. At Inflection Point, we appreciate this union, and our services strive to amplify the potential of every Apple device within your organisation. It's not just about managing devices but understanding the nuances that make a Mac, well, a Mac.

    Users enjoy flexibility with a controlled environment. They can self-curate their application suites while we maintain the guardrails, ensuring smooth sailing and security.

    Our aim? To take your business to new heights, with whatever devices support you the best.

Do Apple devices fit seamlessly into my existing infrastructure?

Absolutely. Apple products are known for their adaptability and compatibility. Our expertise ensures that integrating Macs, iPads, or iPhones into your current business infrastructure is smooth. With the right configurations and systems in place, these devices coalesce seamlessly with existing setups, enhancing overall productivity.

We ensure Mac devices stay up-to-date without disrupting workflow.

We employ the combined capabilities of Addigy and Apple's core Business Manager. These tools allow for streamlined updates and application management. By scheduling updates during off-peak times or predefined maintenance windows, we ensure your team's flow remains uninterrupted.

How do we safeguard our Mac environment against potential threats?

The native security protocols of Mac devices are robust. However, to fortify this, we employ advanced solutions to anticipate and address threats proactively. With real-time monitoring and rapid response mechanisms, we ensure your Apple ecosystem remains resilient and robust against modern cyber challenges.

Users have the flexibility to install applications on their Macs - within reason.

We believe in a structured approach. Through Device Management, we strike a balance between security and user autonomy. We utilize MacManage to provide a catalog of vetted applications. This empowers team members to personalize their tools without compromising system integrity or needing admin rights.