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How Can Your Business Benefit From A Cyber Security Audit?

Let Inflection Point Tighten Up Your Infrastructure

Our dedicated experts will undertake a thorough IT security audit, identifying the strength of your current security arrangements while pinpointing any potential risks or vulnerabilities. We utilise specialized tools to develop a clear and concise report that helps us implement effective solutions. Our IT security audits are designed to ensure your cyber-defences are up-to-date and respond to threats in the right way. We constantly evolve and adapt to a changing landscape, ensuring we undertake regular audits that ensure we remain one step ahead. From our expert recommendations to solutions, your business will benefit in every possible way.

  • A Cyber Security Audit Will Transform your Business

    A cyber security audit will involve undertaking a comprehensive audit and analysis of the infrastructure of your business. It will identify any risks, threats and vulnerabilities while seeking out weaknesses. We can help to keep your business on track when it comes to GDPR while undertaking the necessary measures to protect your business, users and data. A security audit is crucial to ensuring your business remains secure and compliant.

A Comprehensive Cyber Security Audit

Expert Knowledge That Supports The Security Of Your Business Infrastructure

Our service is designed to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. Our Cyber Security Audit includes remediation points and a breach response plan while we scan for vulnerabilities and undertake configuration and compliance checks. We also carry out a cyber resilience assessment and malware detection, ensuring we cover every aspect of your infrastructure to create a detailed report that aims to put the correct solutions in place.

Solving Your Problems With An IT Security Audit

Future-proofing Your Business With Innovative Solutions

Your business and its infrastructure are always at risk of being breached by hackers and other threats. We have created a detailed cyber security audit system that implements cyber security analysis that pinpoints the exact areas within your infrastructure that require attention. We use cutting-edge methods and technology to remove those risks and keep your business safe. From small businesses to large businesses, IT security audits are a vital part of operating in a digital world.

It’s Our Expertise That Helps Us Deliver A Security Audit That Makes An Impact

Let Us Improve Your Security And Mitigate Risks

Cyber Security Audit

Our scalable cyber security audit is designed for businesses of any size. We take a flexible approach that is tailored to the requirements of every business. Vulnerabilities and security risks can come in many forms but our dedicated experts are trained to identify potential problems and help to keep your business safe from hackers and security threats. Every business is susceptible to an attack but we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

A Network Security Audit That Explores Every Aspect Of Your Network

Cyber Security Delivered With Precision

We ensure we deliver our network security audit with precision, bringing your business security up to speed. You’ll benefit from a thorough analysis of your entire network including security patches, testing software and hardware as well as identifying those who have access to sensitive data. We implement all encryption best practices where necessary while ensuring we conduct scans, keeping your business up to speed.


What is security audit in cyber security?

A cyber security audit is designed to understand the IT infrastructure. A cyber security audit looks at any vulnerabilities or threats while also exposing weaknesses and high-risk behaviours. Data is now heavily regulated which means that a cyber security review will look to help reduce those risks and ensure that you have the right solutions in place to reduce the risks

How do I complete a cyber security audit?

Cyber security audit should be completed by professionals such as an information security consultant London who will follow an IT security audit checklist. They will assess your assets, Identify threats and they will also consider the current security that you have in place. They will then prioritise threats and then create a network security audit report that will help to mitigate risks proving how important a network security audit can be.

How can you protect your business from cyber attacks?

You should place a focus on ensuring that you mitigate all risks accordingly. This is achieved by carrying out IT and cyber security audits and implementing the right solutions to help protect your business and IT infrastructure from all risks. Cyber attacks can come in many forms so, by identifying weaknesses and issues, it is possible to protect your business in the right way.

How long does a cyber security audit take?

The time it takes will depend on the size of your business, your systems and users. The audit can take anything from four weeks up to eighteen weeks in some instances. This will look at all aspects of your IT systems and it will cover all of your systems and vulnerabilities. From this point, your cyber security consultant London will then be able to implement a plan to tighten your cyber crime security.

How much does a cyber security audit cost?

The amount it costs to carry out an IT security audit will depend on the type of testing involved and the time that the auditor has to spend auditing your systems. This can range from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds depending on the size and complexity of your systems and that can increase if you require a GDPR audit and a data protection audit report.

How do you perform a security audit?

A security audit will be performed by an expert and they will carry out thorough testing of your systems to spot any risks and vulnerabilities while they will also carry out a data protection audit using a cyber security review checklist. Using specialised software and experience, they will have the ability to test your systems and spot any potential risks. This is done through the right planning and processes, ensuring the entirety of your IT infrastructure is fully tested. They will then provide an audit strategy that helps you to put the correct solutions in place

What are the 4 types of cyber attacks?

There are four main types of cyber attacks and this includes a Denial of Service and Denial of Service attacks, Man in the Middle attack, Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks and Drive by attack.


What are the top 4 cyber security threats facing small businesses?

Small businesses are still exposed to attacks but businesses are very rarely ready for an attack because they lack the right resources. Malware threats are also serious as well as Ransomware and Phishing attacks. So, the cyber security advice for SMES is to ensure they have the right security in place.