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We Spot The Signs Of A Compromise And Take Action

We’re Highly Efficient At Identifying Threats

Indicators of Compromise are clear evidence that an attack has taken place. We take valuable information from a compromise and identify what has happened. This allows us to shape our service and approach to implementing the correct solutions that protect your business from similar attacks in the future. Our experts will implement the correct security technology that uses known indicators of compromise allowing us to proactively protect against threats. Security breaches can take many different forms. From unusual account behaviour to configuration changes and networks patterns. Whatever they might, we’re here ensuring we act fast when a compromise is identified.

  • Efficient Compromise Monitoring That Spots Attacks Effectively

    If your business and its networks are going to stay safer, compromise monitoring is a must. At Inflection Point, we take a proactive approach to compromise detection by implementing systems that spot these attacks before they become a problem. We put your business in a strong position with external testing and monitoring allowing us to gain an understanding of what’s normal while being able to identify abnormal activity.

Innovative Compromise Monitoring That Leads From The Front

Position Your Business Right With Compromise Monitoring

Compromise monitoring is crucial to keeping your business secure. While threats are always there, compromise monitoring and vulnerability assessments ensure we are there to act fast when your network is compromised. Our service is designed to identify new or unknown attacks enabling us to implement preventative measures and strengthen your business moving forward. We give your business a dedicated team of experts who are on hand to instantly step in when your infrastructure is compromised.

A Vulnerability Assessment That Delivers Effective Results

A Service Designed To React Instantly

To reduce the risk of compromises, we ensure we implement a thorough vulnerability assessment. The world of cyber security is constantly changing and new threats and vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. Through regular vulnerability assessments, we can provide knowledge, awareness and risk background that informs you of where your business is positioned. We can then apply remediation measures effectively, drastically enhancing the cyber security position of your business.

Indicators Of Compromise - How Do They Work?

Providing A Transparent Approach To Compromise Monitoring

Compromise Monitoring

Indicators of Compromise work by providing insight into abnormal activity on your network that you would not be able to see in real-time. Traces of activity can be left in system and log files, enabling us to identify that potential malicious activity is taking place. Our professional service is designed to implement the latest systems that detect data breaches, malware infections and many other security threat activities. We give your business the ability to take a proactive approach, protecting data and your systems.

Compromise Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment Solutions That Deliver Tangible Results

Protect Your Business With Improved Security

Our vulnerability assessment and compromise monitoring are designed to improve your security while meeting all security standards. Our tailored services will undertake a vulnerability assessment as well as provide measurable information that will guide your business when making security-related decisions. We implement effective solutions that help you manage your security risks, quality and compliance. Offering complete control, you’ll benefit from an increased level of security and protection.


What is compromise detection?

Compromise detection is the process of identifying a cyber attack either before or during the attack. It uses a range of systems, monitoring tools for cyber security and solutions to actively carry out compromise monitoring of networks and IT infrastructure. The aim is to spot and stop any attacks before they do any significant damage proving how important IT security vulnerability assessment really is.

What are three ways an employee might inadvertently compromise the security of a company?

There are several ways in which the security of your business might be compromised when your employees are involved. This might include poor password practises, weak access policies and unsafe downloads. These can all occur unknowingly but also put your business and your systems at risk.

What is a compromise attack?

A compromise attack will attack your systems after identifying a weakness and it will then silently alter certain parts of your systems and process. The attackers will either then look to steal vital data or they will look to obtain money.

What are signs of a security compromise?

There are many different signs that might indicate that your security has been compromised. You might find that your network has slowed or that there might be some suspicious entries in systems or even some accounting discrepancies. There might also be some unsuccessful logon attempts and new user accounts created.

How do you know that a system is compromised?

Again, there are a number of hints that your system might be compromised. You might notice suspicious privileged account activity, suspicious traffic and random logon failures through monitoring cyber security. There might also be an increase in database activity as well as signs of a distributed denial-of-service attack and even registry changes.

How can I monitor cybersecurity?

The main thing to consider is using a professional service that will implement a threat detection strategy that will rely on the latest solutions to spot any threats. This will then scan your IT infrastructure to look for weaknesses while also handling vulnerability assessment and management. It will also consider your security and compliance to ensure that you are protected.

What is continuous monitoring in cyber security?

Continuous monitoring is the process of actively scanning your network around the clock while also offering vulnerability assessment cyber security. This will ensure that continuous monitoring has the potential to identify weaknesses and identify potential attacks when they occur. It will also carry out a security and vulnerability assessment and this will enable your business to remain protected while also responding to threats more efficiently.

What are the 4 main types of vulnerability in cyber security?

There are a number of different types of vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber security. These vulnerabilities are known as network vulnerabilities, operating system vulnerabilities, human vulnerabilities and process vulnerabilities. Compromise monitoring cyber security and vulnerability assessment management will help to avoid these risks and reduce the likelihood of any attacks.