Managed IT Services

Flexible IT Managed Services for SMEs

At Inflection Point, our IT Managed Services are designed to support your business. Our team of experts enable you to focus on your business by providing bespoke, managed It services that offer a cost-effective solution to the challenges your business faces. A range of services takes care of your IT systems while providing solutions when you need them. 

We are the preferred managed IT service provider for SMEs across the UK with special focus on providing managed IT services to LondonBristolSwindonOxfordCheltenham, and Gloucester.

What Does IT Managed Services Include?

We Cater For Your Individual Business Needs With Customized Managed IT Services

Our mission is to support your business by taking a flexible approach to our IT Managed services. With expertise and an understanding of your business goals, we can support your business in many ways.

We understand that out-of-the-box IT solutions are not always effective. Therefore, we provide expertise across a range of areas including Patching & Monitoring, Help Desk, Endpoint Antivirus, Web Security, License Management, Remote working, Backup & Recovery, Mobile Device Management, Business Continuity and Standard Operating Procedures.

Our Managed IT solutions are designed to help you outsource those vital tasks you don’t have time for, enabling you to focus on projects that add value.

Managed IT Services


IT Managed Services Designed For Every Business Need

Managed IT services from Inflection Point are designed to support your business in every possible way. Whether you’re looking for additional IT resources, need to secure your data and IT infrastructure or you need to streamline your business continuity, our managed IT services are designed to support your business and help you make informed decisions knowing that our expertise is with you every step of the way.

Managed IT Services
Mitigate Risk

Our patching & monitoring is designed to support the security of your business. With IT monitoring services we undertake your patch management and monitoring, ensuring you never lose sight of your patching again.

Managed IT Services
Expert IT Support When You Need It

Managed IT help desk services are designed to support every business. Whether it’s limited IT resources, managing 1st line IT support or 3rd line support, we’re there when you need us, providing expert support instantly.

Managed IT Services
Keep Your Business Moving

We provide a range of managed antivirus services designed to stop threats in their tracks, allowing your business to operate with confidence. Expertise and the latest technology enables us to take care of protecting your business from attacks.

Managed IT Services
Enhancing Online Protection

An increase in web use, rapid cloud adoption, and a greater number of users are increasing risks across your networks. We implement the latest managed web security technology including SWG and DLP, enhancing sensitivity and protection.

Managed IT Services
Streamlined Licensing

Software assets are there to support and enhance your business. We ensure they work for you by helping to take care of the complexities associated with license management. We actively undertake software asset management, ensuring your business doesn’t fall short.

Managed IT Services
Effective Remote Working

We can help your business to implement and embrace distance working with remote working solutions. From managing cloud-based solutions and communications to assisting with a seamless transition, we ensure you stay in control while adopting new working practices.

Managed IT Services
Business Critical Mobile Device Management

Our managed mobile device management ensures we provide fundamental visibility and IT controls required to secure, manage and actively monitor all of your mobile devices that access business-critical data.

Managed IT Services
Managed Backup & Recovery

Data is crucial to your business. We ensure your data is securely stored and backed up, offering peace of mind. We also provide disaster recovery solutions, recovering a single file through to returning an entire sitter to operation in a matter of minutes, reducing downtime and keeping your business safe.

Managed IT Services
Experienced, Industry Leading Business Continuity Services

Disaster or downtimes can happen at any time. Our business continuity management services are designed to protect systems and data, minimise risk and monitor while keeping you GDPR compliant.

Managed IT Services
Helping Your Business Operate

We can help your business and employees follow a coordinated process with standard operating procedure management. Our expertise can help increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.


IT managed services are designed to support your business in a range of ways. From simple help desk solutions to assisting with remote working or even patching & monitoring to reduce risks, IT managed services are wide and varied. Any reputable IT support specialists will work closely with clients to identify their specific requirements before seeking out solutions. Through effective and professional management, the services are implemented, adapted and actively monitored to ensure they achieve the right outcomes and support you business moving forward.

Every business is different and so, the reasons for using IT Managed services can vary. However, every service is designed to support businesses and help them avoid the costs and time that comes with managing these areas of business themselves. Therefore, they will benefit from growth, adopting new technology, 24/7 support, business agility, security and resilience. They will benefit from streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency and expertise that is on hand when they need it. All of this is accessible without the need of having it all in-house.

It’s imperative that you choose a managed IT services provider that provides the services and solutions you require. Therefore, you should be looking for support around the clock, expertise and innovative approaches that indicate they are leading from the front in their industry. They’ll work closely with you to identify specific solutions to problems while helping your business to grow and thrive. A proactive approach to management is one of the top features, ensuring they are always looking for the next solution before a problem arises. You need a company that is flexible, adaptable and puts your needs first.

If you opt for fully managed IT services then the company you choose will take of everything for you based on your needs. Their support and service is designed to underpin the operations of your business. They’ll monitor systems, carry out updates, take care of security and undertake server maintenance among other things. They enable you to take a hands-off approach. Partially managed services are ideal for those who like to maintain some element of control while they are also perfect for those who require a certain level of support. The expertise is available but it’s more suited to those who have the ability to take on some of the responsibilities that come with managing IT services.