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An Extensive Range Of IT Services

A Transparent Approach to Supporting Your Business

At Inflection Point, we make it possible for you to focus on running your business because we take care of the planning, implementation, and management of your IT systems.

  • Gain A Clear Insight Into Your Software Licensing

    Licensing audit helps most businesses that rely on a plethora of software packages to carry out most of their functions smoothly and remain compliant. Over time, software becomes redundant and needs change which can mean that businesses can either be under licensed, over licenced or might not even require licences at all. Our free licencing audit takes care of identifying your current situation, enabling you to streamline your licence management and make savings where necessary while also helping you remain compliant.

We Help To Mitigate Risks With A Licensing Audit

Save Money. Reduce Risk. Stay In Control

Free Licensing Audit

Enterprise software vendors create license policies that are difficult to understand and that could mean that you are paying for software you don’t need or paying too much for products that you do need. Our license audit is designed to diagnose areas of non-compliance, we highlight areas of risk through a discovery process and seek out resolutions, all of which will help to mitigate risks and reduce non-compliance.

Our Software License Compliance Audit Strengthens Your Business

A Simple Audit That Delivers Impressive Results

We can help your business to easily and efficiently manage your software inventories by carrying out a software license compliance audit. We’ll identify areas of risk and recommend solutions that we trust while we will ensure you have greater control when it comes to managing those risks. Our experience and desire to help your business thrive require us to use the latest methods and techniques that help us place your business in a stronger position.

We’ve Helped Businesses Mitigate Non-Compliance Risks

A Tailored Approach That Creates Trust

During a typical review, we find risks that can amount to a significant financial value. We take a unique approach that is tailored to your business, allowing us to ensure that we deliver tangible results. We are driven by technology and rely on our experience to meet your specific requirements. We empower you to make informed decisions that come backed with our IT support and expert advice.

How Can Your Business Benefit From A Software Licensing Audit?

Clients rely on our free license audit to help their business remain risk-free

Our software licensing audit services are designed to help your businesses in many ways. You can benefit from risk mitigation, cost reduction, volume discounts, enhanced vendor relationships and license agreements that fit your needs. One simple service offers a wealth of benefits that suit your needs.