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Autonomous AI Endpoint Protection with SentinelOne Singularity

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Autonomous AI Endpoint Protection with SentinelOne Singularity

Avoid the storm of emerging cyber threats with SentinelOne, an industry-leading endpoint security platform that's transforming the cybersecurity landscape in 2023. Partnering with SentinelOne, Inflection Point delivers robust protection, stopping breaches faster, and providing the security needed in today's digital world.

Inflection Point – Your Partner in Cybersecurity

At Inflection Point, we're dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. We recognise the threats posed by the digital landscape and work tirelessly to counter them. Partnering with SentinelOne enables us to provide you with the most cutting-edge cyber defence available.

Trust us to keep your business secure, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business. The future is uncertain, but with Inflection Point and SentinelOne, your cybersecurity doesn't have to be.

Insight into SentinelOne's Endpoint Cybersecurity Software

SentinelOne Singularity, an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) software platform, leverages autonomous AI to defend against threats on your network. It delivers more than traditional endpoint security, introducing a revolutionary approach to protect your organisation, from the device level up to the network.

SentinelOne Singularity platform is designed to secure the cloud where your sensitive data lives, providing comprehensive protection for cloud workloads, endpoints, and IoT devices. Harnessing its power, Inflection Point is better equipped to fortify the edges of your enterprise network, delivering industry-leading, AI-powered cybersecurity solutions.  Protect your business and secure your digital identity with Inflection Point and SentinelOne.

How SentinelOne has Changed Endpoint Security

SentinelOne has fundamentally reshaped the way businesses approach endpoint security. Its platform encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, and response capabilities, all in one solution. With its ability to make context-driven decisions autonomously and at machine speed, SentinelOne delivers sophisticated protection without human intervention.

A central aspect of this groundbreaking change is the platform's autonomous AI endpoint protection. This feature works around the clock to secure endpoints, autonomously identifying malicious behaviours, and taking decisive actions to stop threats. It doesn't just protect your business—it empowers it.

SentinelOne – Cybersecurity of the Future, Today

SentinelOne's dynamic threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities offer insight into emergent cyber threats and provide real-time visibility into the enterprise's attack surface. Its XDR platform ensures that your organisation stays secure by automatically connecting incidents and identifying anomalies.

The cloud-native platform's unique threat detection and response functionality extend to container environments, enabling its autonomous AI to identify, defend, and remediate threats across your enterprise network. Incident response is swift and effective, allowing for automatic rollback of malicious actions, thereby reducing the need for an analyst to manually remediate threats.

With SentinelOne's agent providing endpoint protection, the platform delivers real-time response to threats, including offline environments, ensuring your enterprise remains secure around the clock. The agent combines device control, network visibility, and endpoint protection into a single solution, delivering real-time, context-driven actions to stop threats in their tracks.

Whether it's providing protection for users and their devices or safeguarding the enterprise's communication and commerce activities, SentinelOne excels. Introducing Singularity XDR Cloud, a cutting-edge feature, allows businesses to centralise SentinelOne-native endpoint protection and third-party data for enterprise-scale data analytics.

With SentinelOne's cybersecurity platform, Inflection Point is empowering modern enterprises in the UK to protect what matters most. It goes beyond simple cybersecurity measures, introducing a new age of advanced, autonomous protection.

Ready to secure your enterprise with SentinelOne and Inflection Point? Introduce your business to the future of cybersecurity and stay one step ahead of the storm.

Discover Next-Generation Cybersecurity with Inflection Point and SentinelOne

Are you concerned about the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks to your business? Inflection Point, your trusted cybersecurity-focused Managed Service Provider (MSP), has the answer. We have partnered with the award-winning cybersecurity company SentinelOne to deliver advanced protection designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes across the UK.

Welcome to the Future of XDR

SentinelOne, acclaimed by industry authority Gartner, takes cyber defence to the next level. Its revolutionary approach to security utilises the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to guard all enterprise assets. From workstations and servers to cloud workloads and IoT devices, SentinelOne ensures comprehensive protection.

Intuitive, User-friendly, and Secure

Forget about complex tech jargon and confusing interfaces. SentinelOne is designed for real-world use, making high-level security accessible to everyone. Its unified platform simplifies monitoring and threat management, transforming intricate processes into straightforward actions.

Key Features of SentinelOne

  1. Behavioural AI Technology: SentinelOne observes and understands system processes, monitoring for unusual activities. This proactive approach catches threats before they become a problem, providing unparalleled protection against even the most advanced cyber-attacks.

  2. Active Threat Hunting: Traditional security measures often react only after an attack has occurred. SentinelOne's ActiveEDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) feature continuously scans for potential threats, hunting down dangers before they strike.

  3. Automated Responses: In the event of a cyber-attack, swift response is vital. SentinelOne's automated system acts immediately, isolating threats and preventing them from spreading across your network. 

  4. Cloud-native Architecture: SentinelOne's solution is built for the cloud, which means seamless integration, rapid updates, and scalability to match your growing business needs.

  5. Identifying Malicious Behaviours: Using a single agent and centralised configuration S1 can detect using multiple sources, including third party data.  By hunting across multiple vectors, autonomously at machine speed, our security experts have the context they need to assist in remediation with accuracy.  The novel engine underpins any investigation and can give threat hunters the information they need to protect your organisation.

Industry Recognition

SentinelOne has earned an enviable reputation within the cybersecurity industry. It's been recognised as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). This prestigious accolade underscores SentinelOne's commitment to advanced threat protection and its effectiveness in helping businesses stay safe in an increasingly digital world.

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Ready to experience the next generation of cybersecurity with Inflection Point and SentinelOne? Contact us today for a consultation and let us tailor a cybersecurity solution to your business's specific needs.