IT Monitoring and Patching

Enhance Security With Patch Management and IT Monitoring Services

Security threats are a real risk for businesses making it imperative that you stay ahead of those risks. Through patching and monitoring, we ensure your critical systems remain functional and secure while minimising vulnerabilities. Our IT monitoring services ensure we identify patch failures and keep all systems and endpoints up-to-date.

What Is Patching & Monitoring?

A Proactive Approach

Patch & monitoring involves actively monitoring and managing current applications and software tools through acquiring, testing, and installing the relevant changes that are known as patches. Our services are designed to provide fast and accurate patch deployments as well as targeted remediation to specific devices, groups, and domains. 

We actively monitor real-time security bulletins and provide centralized management and administration, enabling you to take a hands-off approach while having confidence in the security of your systems. It’s our ability to act efficiently and effectively to significantly reduce potential security breaches and system downtime that sets us apart.

Patching & IT Monitoring

A Managed Patching Service Your Business Can Trust

Patch Management That Keeps Your Business Moving

We help keep the wheels of business turning by providing a first-class managed patching service. We help to reduce risk by ensuring we undertake bug fixes and patch updates. We monitor and report, keeping sight of your patching while we implement flexible scheduling that fits around your business. We maintain complete control over your software and systems, keeping them updated at a device, group and system level.

A Complete Enterprise-Wide Patch Management Service Without The Hassle

Bespoke Patching & Monitoring - Keeping Your Business Secure

Your business needs an effective and consistent patch management strategy. Without it, your business is exposed to a wide range of risks including cyber-attacks, poor system performance and random reboots. With our expert patch management, your business will benefit from best practices, automation and IT monitoring. We handle the entire process, taking care of patch failures as well as ensuring your business adheres to industry-specific compliance requirements.

A Patching & IT Monitoring Service That Does The Job

IT Monitoring Delivered With Precision

We have experience in all aspects of IT monitoring & patching. As part of our service, we become a part of your business, ensuring we mitigate risks and keep your business moving by implementing updates and patches when required. As a forward-thinking team of specialists, we actively monitor and react as soon as required to minimise downtime. Using the latest technology and tools, we ensure your business maintains an online presence while reducing security risks.

A Complete Patching & Monitoring Service

Fully-Inclusive Service Driven By Results

We ensure we work fast when it comes to deploying patches and bug fixes. We understand your business has to maintain efficiency and we undertake remediation activities at a time that suits your business. This reduces network traffic and allows us to undertake complete control of rebooting upon patch deployment. We keep our fingers on the pulse by monitoring real-time security bulletins while we place a focus on maintaining corporate standards with enterprise-wide configuration management and cloud monitoring.


Software that your business uses on a daily basis will require regular updates. Patch management will involve managing those updates and applying them as soon as they are made available to ensure that systems are updated and secure.

Patch management is a very intricate and important element of keeping your business secure. There are three different types of patch management that we undertake and they are the most common and include security patches, bug fixes and feature updates. Software patching is crucial as patch security ensures your network and systems remain secure.

The purpose of IT monitoring is to ensure that your IT systems are free of issues and working as you expect them to. It can prove time-consuming and costly to take care of IT monitoring in-house, so outsourcing IT monitoring will ensure all of your systems are secure and operating correctly. Our patch service is just one element of the IT monitoring services we offer as part of our management monitoring services.

Patch management audit is a crucial part of patch management. The audit will involve identifying the different types of software used across your business using patch management software and then determining what patches that software requires. We will then implement the patches and ensure that everything is updated as part of our patch management service.

Patching software is the process of ensuring software is updated by downloading and installing all required patches to software. This ensures that all vulnerabilities are removed and that all software is up to date. We can take care of enterprise patch management that works to ensure everything is updated across the whole of your business.