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Top 10 Trends Influencing Digital Transformation in 2021

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Top 10 Trends Influencing Digital Transformation in 2021

What Is A Digital Transformation

It is the process of adopting new technology. More businesses are now recognising the importance of technological solutions. As a result, more are now looking at the importance of strategic digital transformation. Every business is unique which means that the benefits will also differ. However, technology is improving how businesses work and operate, so it’s important to adopt them.

Influencing Digital Transformation 2021

Strategic Digital Transformation

Digital innovation and advances are transforming how businesses operate. Whether it’s remote working solutions or improved collaboration, transformation in the digital space is crucial. If businesses want to succeed and get ahead then digital innovation should take the front seat.

The Importance of 5G

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If you’re wondering what is digital transformation, look no further than 5G. With more people connecting on the move, 5G is going to transform connectivity. It will meet the demand for more bandwidth and reliability too. This will enable businesses to collaborate better, work smarter and become more productive.

Blockchain Improvements

Blockchain is being utilised across a range of industries. While it’s been linked with cryptocurrency, industries are using it to send data.

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With security being a concern for many industries, the use of blockchain will help to improve this considerably.

Cybersecurity Becomes a Priority

Cybersecurity has always been a concern. As more people are working from home, it means that stronger security measures will be implemented. Any business going through a digital transformation will make cybersecurity a priority.

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Therefore, they’ll place a focus on ensuring they adopt new security solutions as rapidly as possible.

Digital Banking

Banking has seen one of the biggest shifts of all when it comes to digital transformation. Finance and banking have embraced digital transformation but this continues to evolve.

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The user experience is being enhanced by digitisation with almost all of their services being moved over to the digital world.

Customer Data Platforms

Data sits at the heart of every business. However, many businesses still fail to use data the right way. Customer data platforms will change all of this. These platforms will use a range of data sources to collect data and then organise the data so it becomes usable.

With lots of data readily available, digitisation will be driven by customer data platforms.

Multiple Cloud Systems

More businesses are utilising cloud systems but multiple cloud systems are growing. This will enable businesses to overcome vendor lock-in while helping them to help move through digital transformation.

This will mean that software, applications and computing assets can be accessed across a range of platforms.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing isn’t fully mainstream yet but the time is coming. Google has announced it will develop a commercial grade quantum computer within ten years.

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Therefore, digital transformation has to include quantum computing as more industries explore it.

Everything as a Service and Transformation

This considers a range of products and services that are available over the internet. They will all form part of the business ecosystem because they are designed to simplify processes.

They’ll be easy to access and more companies will become more agile once they adopt it as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Remote Working

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Remote working grew in popularity once the pandemic took hold. This strategy of working from home is likely to remain. It offers a range of benefits and has brought the digital transformation process forward.


Digital transformation is now about automation and speed. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology available, more businesses are adopting it. Businesses will become more streamlined with automation.

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Within a constantly evolving technological landscape, your business has to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients. With increased expectations comes a need for your business to adapt and evolve, and digital innovation will be the driving force behind your business as it moves forward.

Our expertise and commitment to ensuring we stay one step ahead allow us to identify your business goals while seeking out digital solutions that set you apart.

As a leading IT company, we know the importance of digital innovation and the way in which it can influence every decision you make as your business grows.

Get in touch with us today to start your digital journey and enjoy the benefits of digital transformation for your business.