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The Benefits of IT Managed Services

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The Benefits of IT Managed Services

Understanding the Benefits of IT Managed Services

The benefits of IT Managed Services are far-reaching. The financial benefits are particularly attractive. They include; reduced IT costs, reduced staff costs, and a switch away from Capex to operational expenditure. But the benefits of IT Managed Services go far beyond financial. In one of our recent blogs titled The Growing Need Of Managed It Services Over The Next Decade, we have highlighted how IT managed services will become an integral part of every organisation in the coming times.

One of the services provided within a typical IT Managed Services arrangement is that your business is continually upgraded to the latest versions of the software applications that your business uses. In some instances, continuous upgrading and maintenance can be extended to hardware and devices. The result is business efficiencies and increased productivity.

Benefits of IT managed Services

The benefits of IT Managed Services – data, security and business-on-demand

The benefits of IT Managed Services also help to solve some key business challenges that many firms face today, these include;

Data storage and security

Very few businesses are excluded from the digital world in which we operate. Consequently, data goes far beyond just a few names and addresses of clients and prospects. It’s ubiquitous throughout businesses, large and small. Furthermore, it spans customer records, invoicing, payment processing, accounting and financial records, sales, marketing, staff… the list goes on.

The loss of data through technology failure or malicious cyber attacks can be catastrophic. It can render your business inoperable and damaged its reputation. IT Managed Services help protect your data through regular automated data backup and secure storage (e.g. cloud solutions). In addition, managed services can be put in place to keep your data up to date and compliant. This is particularly important in the post-GDPR era where data breaches can equate to €20 million or 4 percent of turnover (whichever is greater).

Cyber Security

According to a recent government report, almost half of UK firms have been subject to a cyber attack or breach. In our recent blog, titled Cyber Security for Business – 15 ways to protect your business we highlight some of the motives for cyber attacks. The risk to businesses, large and small, is real. As a result, the threat should be taken seriously with the deployment of appropriate safeguards, technology and training. You may also wish to consider some IT consultancy to obtain a broader assessment of your technology strategy. The benefits of IT Managed Services in relation to cyber security are hugely convincing and include; the protection of having the latest software and expert technicians proactively monitor your systems, network, email and website around the clock. They help to protect your business against malware, ransomware and any other kind of cyber attack.

Business On-Demand

You may not realize it, but most businesses are 24/7 businesses. While your operating hours may be say 9 am to 5 pm, increasingly your management and staff require access to files, email, and data outside of normal working hours. Working from home is now a regular part of working life for many of us. In addition, your website, whether it has an e-commerce element or not, also needs to be continually operational. The benefits of IT Managed Services include keeping your business always on-demand.

Companies large and small benefit

While there are managed service providers that offer off-the-shelf packaged solutions, our experience is that all firms are different. Therefore, a more bespoke and tailored approach is required. A flexible range of IT Managed Services often are the best solution in helping firms meet business requirements and objectives. We, at Inflection Point provide state of the art managed services across the UK for small and medium businesses.