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    5 Signs Your Business IT Systems are Unsustainable (and How to Fix It)

    Few things are more frustrating than dealing with out-of-date business legacy systems and applications. IT support for small businesses is on the rise, mainly because it's essential in an environment that continues to modernize digitally, regardless of industry.

    As businesses modernise and gravitate to cloud platforms, we've discovered that business leaders and team managers should not have to take on the sole responsibility of acting as IT support. Not only are these responsibilities frustratingly out of their scope, but it's time-consuming and counterproductive.

    If you find that your current IT systems are not supporting the growth of your business, you're not alone. Let's chat about recognising unsustainable IT systems and how you can fix them.

    Unsustainability in Your IT Systems

    Often, recognising unsustainability within your IT systems simply means stepping back and taking a closer look at how your day-to-day operations run. If your management team is taking on far too much from an IT perspective, it's time to upgrade.

    1. Security Breaches

    An IT security breach can bring business operations to a screeching halt, and it's a scary, overwhelming, potentially reputation-ruining occurrence. All businesses must understand that cyber-security is not a "one-and-done" situation.

    It's crucial to avoid allowing security updates and management to fall into the hands of those who don't have experience with that level of maintenance. Small business owners are never too small of a target for cybercriminals. Your IT systems are unsustainable if you're experiencing security breaches.

    2. Connectivity Issues

    We all operate in a digital world. Even if you don't host a hybrid or remote work environment, you still utilise components of that setting, such as Zoom and Google Meet, or the most necessary aspect of modern business operations; WiFi.

    If your meetings take longer than you'd like, mainly because you struggle with technical difficulties and choppy calls, it's time to consider outside IT support.

    3. Productivity Drop

    Noticing a drop in employee productivity may coincide directly with the ineffectiveness of your business systems and applications. Not only can your employees become easily frustrated with slow-moving tech, but they can't complete their work.

    A decrease in productivity, primarily among your best employees, is likely a tech-related issue. Offer them a chance to speak on the topic, as it will give you a good idea of the steps necessary to fix it.

    4. Growth

    While your company's growth certainly is a good thing, it can quickly become a disaster when your IT systems can't keep up. Not only will management get stuck troubleshooting, but they won't have the time to focus on scaling other aspects.

    Keep in mind as your company grows, so do the complexities in your IT infrastructure. Professional help is necessary here.

    5. Lack of Backup Plan

    If you have no idea how you'll recover client or business data in the event of a hard drive crash, you need IT support services immediately. Data loss can ruin your company when it comes to revenue and reputation.

    Small businesses need a backup and recovery plan. It's not worth the risk of losing customers due to a lack of trust in your company.

    IT Support for Small Businesses

    IT support for small businesses is an essential piece of the small business owner puzzle. Letting a knowledgeable, reputable, outside company like Inflection Point deal with your IT issues is the best move you can make for your outdated, unsustainable IT systems and your company.

    We offer fully-managed IT services when you need them, including maintenance and 24/7 support. If you're ready to take your IT to the next level and remove the burden from your management team, contact Inflection Point today!