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Everything that can and will go wrong for “accidental” IT managers

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Everything that can and will go wrong for “accidental” IT managers

Anyone who has ever been in the position of "accidental" IT manager knows how chaotic and overwhelming it can be to manage a company’s technology from one day to the next.  

Chances are you’re dealing with a lack of training, firefighting, communication issues, minimal support, and possibly even budget problems.   

But help is at hand. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five common issues that “accidental” IT managers face and how IT support outsourcing companies can help.   

5 common problems faced by accidental IT managers 

1. Lack of training  

Training is beyond necessary concerning IT management. However, more training is often needed for those tasked with managing IT, which can lead to problems down the road. Without the right skills and knowledge, accidental IT managers can quickly find themselves over their heads trying to figure out complex systems and processes.   

To combat this, organisations should provide dedicated training for non-IT personnel to execute successful IT management tasks to a certain extent. Mentorship from existing staff members or IT support outsourcing companies can be beneficial when managing technology without proper training.  

2. Firefighting  

Firefighting is a common issue faced by many accidental IT managers. Those tasked with managing IT often find themselves constantly putting out fires instead of being proactive and preventative. When there isn’t enough staff dedicated to managing technology, it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with all the necessary tasks and repairs that inevitably come up.   

These fires range from system outages and software issues to hardware malfunctions. Having an overabundance of these problems can quickly lead to burnout or lack of motivation, as it’s hard to stay on top of everything when working alone or with little help.   

The best way for accidental IT managers to battle this issue is by having an organised plan for responding quickly and efficiently when technical problems occur so that they don’t have too much work piled up at once. For example, preventative measures such as scheduled maintenance can help reduce the frequency and severity of firefighting situations.  

Internal team outsourcing their IT issues with the support team

3. Communication issues  

Communication is a massive issue for accidental IT managers. When there isn’t anyone specifically responsible for IT duties, communication between different departments can break down, leading to frustration and an absence of productivity.  

However, the good news is, with a dedicated outsourced company to handle the technology, it can be easier for departments to communicate with each other regarding technical issues and concerns.   

4. Lack of support  

 Finding the proper help is a significant issue for accidental IT managers without IT experience and can often result in them feeling isolated and without support when problems arise. However, with IT support outsourcing companies, it can be easier to get help when things go wrong and the workload gets too much to handle.   

Every organisation should invest in external resources such as consultants or contractors that can provide additional help when needed. Having an informal network of other IT professionals you can reach out to for advice or for insight into specific problems can also be immensely helpful in managing technology without proper training or backup from colleagues.  

5. Budget issues  

Budget issues can be painful for accidental IT managers who can often struggle to get the budget needed to maintain and adequately upgrade systems. Without dedicated staff, getting the funding needed to upgrade or maintain current systems and software is often difficult.   

This undesirable situation leads to an overall shortage of resources and difficulty staying on top of necessary tasks such as patching and updating programs. Every business, regardless of size, must ensure an appropriate budget is allocated for technology management tasks so team members have what they need to do their job correctly, including funds or IT support outsourcing companies  

Regular conversations between departments regarding budgets help ensure everyone is on the same page when spending money on IT-related projects and initiatives. It's clear that with dedicated IT staff, organisations can avoid several issues about the potential downfalls of failing to have an outsourced or very well-trained internal IT team.    

These problems can seriously impact the IT infrastructure. By investing in a solid IT staff and dedicating resources to ensure they have the right support, organisations can avoid the issues that come with accidental IT managers and ensure their systems are running smoothly.  

Eliminate accidental IT managers with Inflection Point  

Nobody wants to be an accidental IT manager - and no company should wish to employ one. You've hired your staff to perform specific tasks, and there isn't a single person who should take part in IT responsibilities if they aren't well-versed in what those tasks entail.   

So, what’s the solution? Well, when you decide to work with an IT support outsourcing company like Inflection Point, we'll ensure that the IT aspects of your company are under control. With our comprehensive IT support outsourcing solutions and services, you (and your overworked accidental IT manager) can stop worrying and focus more on other components of your business.   

Want to find out more about the benefits of managed IT services? Simply get in touch with our expert team today.