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How to choose the best external IT support team for your business

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How to choose the best external IT support team for your business

IT support for business is crucial. A term that refers to the various types of technology utilised within your organisation, your internal tech supports your business processes and operations. It includes software, hardware, and other technological tools your employees and departments use to do their jobs effectively.

Failing to have IT support or an information technology strategy will get you into trouble, as it won't take long for employees to become frustrated with failing or slow systems. You have to give your team what it needs to perform optimally. If you don't have the budget or the need for an internal team, this is where external IT support comes in.

The Importance of an IT Strategy

Other than unwavering support for your business, your IT strategy is vital for different reasons.

Business Goals

An effective IT strategy is necessary to align with your business goals. The objectives of your organisation should ensure that technology investments direct toward initiatives that support your mission and vision. What are you working for if you aren't consistently working toward your goals?

Resource Optimisation

Well-defined IT strategies enable your company to optimise its resources, including your personnel and the hardware and software platforms they use daily. In short, your team needs their programs to run effectively, or there's no point in having them, especially when working remotely.

Risk Management

A solid IT strategy will assist your organisation in identifying and managing potential risks associated with utilising your tech programs. You can implement security measures, disaster recovery plans, and various risk management strategies to protect your assets.

Competitive Advantage

IT strategies give you a competitive advantage, helping you leverage technology and create new products and services. You'll improve your operational efficiency and enhance your customer experience tenfold.


If your IT strategy is solid, you'll foster internal innovation by encouraging emerging technologies to build new business models and improve your existing products and services, creating potential new revenue streams.

Finding External IT Support

Now that you know why having an IT strategy is so important, you can clearly see why access to a knowledgeable support team is critical. External IT services provide expertise in an area where your business lacks experience. For example, you might not have the resources to manage your IT infrastructure, which is where outsourcing IT support to a third-party provider comes into play!

External support is often more cost-effective than hiring an entire full-time IT staff, which is a huge undertaking and can be prohibitive in other areas of your business. A great rule of business is to save where it makes sense, and if saving money by outsourcing IT works for you, then that's the path you should take.

Third-party support is more flexible than a fully-staffed IT department. If your company experiences a surge in demand for IT support during specific periods, you can access the necessary resources without adding extra people to your staff.

Look for a reputable IT provider that fully supports your infrastructure through various services. These can include everything from cybersecurity to help desk support. Depending on your needs, you can typically choose to work with your provider on a per-project or ongoing basis.

Let's consider what you should expect from your outsourced IT support team.

Help Desk Support

This essential feature includes technical assistance to users via phone, email, or chat to troubleshoot and resolve issues with hardware or software. The help desk is something your team will refer to often, as they can do so independently and as needed, lowering employee frustration rates and improving productivity.

Network Management and Monitoring

Network management and monitoring involve the maintenance of your business's network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, availability, and security.

Cybersecurity Services

Speaking of security, your business needs around-the-clock protection from hackers and those intending to steal business and client information. Cybersecurity IT services include assessing and managing your security risks, implementing security controls, and providing incident response services.

Data Backup and Recovery

Your ability to keep your data safe can make or break your business. With data services from outsourced IT, you can ensure that your sensitive and essential information is regularly reinforced and that effective disaster recovery plans are in place to minimise data loss and downtime in the event of a significant issue.

Cloud Computing Services

A professional third-party IT service will have cloud computing services related to deploying, managing, and supporting cloud-based infrastructure, software, and applications.

Choosing the Best Team for Your Business

When you choose Inflection Point as your external IT provider, you can be sure you're receiving the services you need and a company you can rely on. Choose a provider that will understand and access your business goals and help you reach them through unwavering IT support and maintenance. Contact us today for details!