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7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Your Business

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7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Your Business

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Coming under the umbrella of Azure, Microsoft has made it possible for businesses to manage, build and deploy apps with ease and precision without the need to purchase the underlying infrastructure. So, with this in mind, what are the main benefits of Microsoft Azure?

7 key benefits of microsoft azure for your business- Inflection Point MSP

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities

Whether it is IaaS in cloud computing or PaaS in cloud computing, there is no denying that Azure is leading from the front. Therefore, it has meant that users can benefit from Azure agility and scalability because users can determine whether they operate autonomously or whether they take advantage of the public cloud. Without the need to maintain the underlying infrastructure, it has meant that businesses can make the most from the benefits of Microsoft Azure to meet their specific IT needs and service needs too.

IaaS and PaaS - Inflection Point MSP

Through outsourcing on Azure, businesses can only pay for what they use through IaaS. PaaS will enable them to create their own apps without the need to cover the cost of the groundwork.

Security Benefits of Microsoft Azure

One of the key advantages of Microsoft Azure is that Microsoft fully understands the importance of security. Therefore, they have invested in ensuring they offer more than their competitors when it comes to ensuring your data is protected. With a whole array of compliance certifications, those industries that are considered high-risk are likely to benefit from the security on offer here.

Whether it’s the platform or users, both are protected while there are other services available such as disaster recovery abilities or multi-factor authentication, all of which can help to protect businesses further.

Integrated Environment with Other Microsoft Tools

Many businesses and organisations rely on a range of Microsoft tools such as Sharepoint, Outlook and Office 365 and with Microsoft Azure, they’ll benefit from enhanced integration. Azure streamlines operations by using the same virtual environment that brings everything together.

Microsoft Azure integration with other tools - Inflection Point MSP

Analytics and Intelligence capabilities

When it comes to data and analytics, Azure uses SQL and NoSQL data services as well as in-built support to delve into data on a deeper level, helping to uncover key information that can help businesses to make better decisions. It is the only cloud platform that utilises Blockchain as a Service, bots, Machine learning and more.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

It’s important that the right information is shared with the right people and Azure takes care of this. With IAM capabilities along with Azure Active Directory, it makes the right data available to the right people.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) - Inflection Point MSP

This can help to create a system that is more agile and with a reduction in identity management costs, it can help businesses to streamline processes and make savings too.

Hybrid Capability Benefits of Microsoft Azure

What makes Azure stand out is the way in which it offers hybrid capabilities. From on-premise use to the public cloud, It’s possible to take advantage of the Azure hybrid benefit for windows server.

With a wider range of hybrid connections available including caches, VPNs and content delivery networks, it can help to enhance performance and usability too.

Interoperability Benefits of Microsoft Azure

On-site applications such as cloud databases with Azure can be created through amalgamated applications. It can help to support Internet protocols and many open standards such as SOAP, REST, HTTP and XML.

There are also development kits available for applications that have been created in certain languages.


Here we saw the 7 key benefits of Microsoft Azure for our businesses. To know how Inflection Point can assist you with the transformation, management, and deployment of your apps with Microsoft Azure, contact us today.