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5 Headaches an IT Support Team Will Take Entirely Off Your Plate

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5 Headaches an IT Support Team Will Take Entirely Off Your Plate

Lacking an IT manager or, worse, an entire IT team can force your business to face several technology and information management challenges. Without an IT team, your company will struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends, ensure the security and privacy of your data, and you'll probably find it impossible to troubleshoot technical issues.

When you hire an outsourced team, you'll be able to take so much off of your plate. Before we get into it, let's discuss what can happen if you fail to put a reliable IT team in place.

Increased Risk of Cybersecurity Threats

When you lack a dedicated IT team, your business can become vulnerable to cyberattacks, such as malware, phishing scams, and data breaches. It can be impossible for some companies to recover from a data breach, both financially and reputation-wise.

Limited Access to Technical Expertise

Lacking an IT team means your employees may not have access to the technical expertise needed to deal with IT problems. Even if you have an appointed IT manager, it may be a challenge for them to address every issue. When you outsource support, you can also take the weight off their shoulders.

Inefficient Use of Technology

A company without an IT team will absolutely struggle to implement and maintain the solutions needed to streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency in the workplace. You can avoid it easily by giving your employees a place to turn when IT troubles pop up!

Reduced Ability to Innovate

Your business likely needs more resources or expertise to leverage new and emerging technologies that can help you innovate and stay competitive in your industry. Almost every industry is saturated regarding the number of businesses that offer particular services, and yours is likely not an exception to that rule. Dedicated IT services can help!

Don't put yourself at a disadvantage in today's technology-driven landscape. Outsource your IT today!

How an Outsourced IT Team Can Help

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the workload an outsourced IT team can take off your plate. Relying on a third party to handle all of your IT problems provides peace of mind while ultimately streamlining your processes. Your employees will always know where to turn, and their frustration levels will decrease immensely.

Technical Support

Outsourcing your IT team means neverending technical support, including troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Your outsourced team will be able to set up new devices and resolve connectivity problems remotely, reducing the downtime for your team, which will increase productivity.


Protecting your business from cyber threats by implementing security measures is challenging for many business owners. IT teams can effortlessly implement firewalls, antivirus software, and data encryption. They'll provide ongoing monitoring, constantly assessing where your company is vulnerable, identifying potential security risks, and proactively addressing them.

Data Backup and Recovery

You need to ensure that your data is consistently backed-up and vehemently protected. An outsourced IT team will secure your data through regular backup and recovery procedures. In turn, you'll minimise the risk of data loss due to hardware failure, human error, or cyberattacks. Data loss or significant data breaches can destroy a company's reputation, and access to a dependable IT department can mitigate those risks for you.

Software Updates and Maintenance

Up-to-date software is a must-have for businesses, especially when they need an online presence. All software systems must perform optimally, and an IT company can implement software patches, updates, maintenance, and upgrades and ensure compatibility with your other systems. It's all about making your business run as smoothly as possible.

Strategic Planning

IT teams are crucial to business development as they'll implement a technology strategy that meets the goals of your business. They can help advise on new technologies that will surge your business forward and provide plenty of daily guidance on best using your current technology investments.

Inflection Point Can Address Your IT Needs

Every company needs an IT provider to successfully meet its needs and take the constant IT headaches off the table. When you let a qualified team absorb your IT troubles, you can run and delegate your business more effectively.

Inflection Point promises unmatched experience, expertise, and technical capabilities. Our security and compliance measures are top-notch, and we'll ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible, at least from an IT perspective! In most cases, when IT is unified, the rest of the company can do the same.

If you're ready to take the IT burden off of your existing employees (let's face it, they didn't sign up for this) and put it on a team of specialists that knows the world of IT inside and out, contact Inflection Point today! We can't wait to bring your business to the next level!